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Just some backround on my career...


I graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. It was a great experience! I met a lot of wonderful artists and people there. The teachers were working artist themselves and had a great passion in teaching the students. There was a camaraderie I've never felt before among all the artists at the Academy. Good Times!


I was then drafted, er hired right from the Academy to Enesco, which at the time was the leading Giftware Company in the world which would have impressed me if I ever heard of the company before that time. There I met more wonderful artists and it was there where I learned a lot about the world of Giftware. It was a lot more of a fine art world than most might think which is a bit ironic since during my time there we rarely had the time to execute art further than color pencils and marker. 


Much of the art you'll find here came from designs I created at the company.  You may notice the art is quite diverse. We were constantly re-inventing looks, styles and forms in an effort to make interesting product.


The world of giftware involves things like statuaries, frames, covered boxes, hanging ornaments etc. All our designs would be sculpted and painted over seas and as artists we would oversee their progress making revisions where necessary. The experience helped me see art more 3 Dimensionally as you always had to consider the complete form when designing since most of our work was going to be Sculpted.


I come from a traditional oil painting and watercolor, guache, acrylic background and have now been using those skills in the Digital world. I hope to fill the pages of my website with more of my Digital art, it's an awesome new medium that I encourage all artists to seriously consider. 


I've also pursued other creative ventures like Children’s Books and Tabletop Board Games.  I've also developed designs and art for Jewelry, Toys, Greeting Cards and a few other odds and ends including art for iPhone/Android apps.


I consider creativity and any artistic ability a God given gift, in fact I believe God has given gifts to all people in one form or another, art is one I enjoy and appreciate very much and intend to be doing for a long long time. 


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